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L.A.U as types of drunks:

Haewon: flirts with everyone and everything. "hey, babe. you have a beautiful figure ;)" "Haewon, that's a lamp..."
Donghyeon: very quiet and philosophical. always questioning life. "there's no such thing as 'up' in space, my friends. For all we now, our north is actually south and our planet is upside down but this is how we decided to see the solar system..."
Choi: sober drunk. always has a drink in his hand but you can't tell if he's drunk or not, or if that's the same drink from 3 hours ago. does he even get drunk? who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kyungjin: cries over the host's dog "OMG look at that PUP! it's so LONELY and SAD!!" Curls up with it and falls asleep "it's ok pup I'm here for u"
Jinwan: reckless drunk. the life of the party "hey guys! watch this!!" tried to crowd surf but no one caught him so he lay on the ground cheering for himself. passes out in the driveway


это феерично!

и в глубине души я немного Донни XD

зы: чувак, завязывай постить свои небритые фотки! я в айдола фтрескался или как?!

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